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Single Source Delta 8 Cart

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Single Source D8 Cartridge GSC - Hybrid

Single Source has some great things going for it.

  • Simplistic small form factor clean efficient packaging.  No wasted plastic clamshells, unlike many other brands.
  • 875mg of Pure Delta-8 THC Distillate.
  • Variety of strains with an indication of Indica, Hybrid, & Sativa Effects as a result of the terpenes blend used in these cartridges.
  • Authentic 510 thread CCell cartridge with a beautiful white ceramic mouthpiece.
  • A brand that uses the same laboratory as industry leader 3Chi.  Desert Valley Testing has become a common lab for Delta-8 THC potency testing.

This authentic 510 thread CCell Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridge by Single Source (A Carolina Hemp Refinery product) is the perfect blend of distillate and terpenes that have been fully tested and consist of federally legal delta-8 under the Farm Bill Act.

Single Source Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridge can be enjoyed best with any 510 compatible battery/mod.

Lab Report


*This Product Contains Less Than 0.3% THC Content**