Caring For Your Rechargeable THC Disposable Vape

Caring For Your Rechargeable THC Disposable Vape

If you have purchased a THC disposable recently, most of them are rechargeable and most do not come with care instructions. When you first buy your THC disposable the last thing on your mind is “how do I care for this thing!”; It should be as simple as the device is to use, should it not? Taking care of your device is that easy, there may just be some things that you where not told upon purchasing your new THC disposable. Don’t worry though, we are here to help!


Recharging Your Disposable THC Vape Device

The first thing you will want to know is how to recharge your THC vape disposable. When your beloved THC vape disposable battery finally dies, you will need to look at the charging port and determine wither it is USB-C or Micro USB These are the two most common charging ports on THC vapes. Once you have determined the proper charging cable for your disposable THC vape, you will need to find an outlet or a wall charger that you can plug it into. You will want to be careful when choosing what type of wall outlet to plug it into. NEVER fast charge a THC disposable as you will ruin the battery in the device very quickly. 


Climate Controlled Environment

Once you have decided on which THC vape disposable you want to go with, you should store them when not in use in a climate-controlled environment, such as your house! Some may ask or make the statement – “my car is climate controlled also”, this statement is only true while your cars engine is running and you have set your AC/heat in your car to a specific temperature. In extreme weather conditions, according to, if it is 90°F as an outside temperature then inside temperature of your car can reach over 130°F within an hour. When temperatures get this high, the concentrate inside of your THC disposable can become too thin and may leak out of your device through the mouthpiece.


Keeping your Mouthpiece Free From Debris

When you have THC disposable the mouthpiece can collect debris very easily. The THC concentrate that is inside of the vape itself is a very sticky and thick consistency. When you inhale through the THC disposable mouthpiece it will activate the battery in the device, causing the coil to heat up and vaporize the THC concentrate that is inside of the device. Once you are done vaping try to wipe off the mouthpiece with a cloth or Kleenex. This keeps the vaporized concentrate from resolidifying on the outside of the mouthpiece as once this occurs it will be very hard, if not impossible, to keep debris from clinging to the mouthpiece.

If you notice the top of the mouthpiece getting sticky, you can take a paper towel and some 90% Isopropyl alcohol and you can clean the top of the mouthpiece. You may have to put a little bit of elbow grease into it, as the THC concentrate is very sticky.


How to clear a “clogged” disposable

Wither you are brand new to THC vape disposables, or a veteran expert of them, you will at some point have one that gets clogged up. This happens because as you vape the THC concentrate inside of the disposable device there is a heating and cooling effect that happens. When the concentrate is heated up it produces vapor and when you are done vaping on it the concentrate cools back down, as a result some of this concentrate can get caught in the “vapor chamber” of the device and resolidify making it impossible to get your next hit of vapor out of the device.

Some manufacturers, such as the Torch x Delta Extrax collaboration disposables, or The Jeffrey series from HiXotic have a button on them where you can pre-heat the coil. If you purchase a THC disposable that has a button on it, you are for the most part in ‘luck’.  Typically all you have to do is double click the button and the device will go into “preheat mode” where it is applying heat to your coil in the THC disposable.  This causes the stuck concentrate to become more viscus and allowing the disposable to produce vapor again. If you have a disposable such as the Knock Out Blend from Honeyroot, these are an auto draw type of disposable making them slightly easier to use, but if they get clogged there is no button you can press to preheat the coil. Sucking on the end of the mouthpiece will not help because the clog is before the battery activation sensor and will not know it needs to be activated. All is not lost though, these can be fixed as well we just need to think outside of the box a bit. If you have a hair dryer set it on low and keep it about 2 inches away from the device itself, point the hair dryer at the chamber in which the concentrate is stored in the THC disposable and keep rotating the device in your hand so that way both sides of the concentrate get heated and periodically take a few puffs until the clog is cleared. These are not fool proof methods, however typically when your disposable THC vape is clogged it just needs a little heat added to it, and you should be good to go again.  As always you will want to be cautious with adding heat as most of these device’s housings are plastic, and you do not want to melt the plastic. Any time you have a clogged THC disposable device you will want to be careful when clearing the clog because there is a good chance you can get some of that concentrate in your mouth.

 Torch Extrax collab THC disposable vapes


If you follow the tips above and never fast charge your device, making sure the mouthpiece is cleared of debris, and making sure you are keeping your device in a temperature controlled environment; you will for sure have a very pleasurable experience with your THC disposable vape!



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