5 Of The Best THC Cartridge Vapes in Alternate Cannabis of 2022

5 Of The Best THC Cartridge Vapes in Alternate Cannabis of 2022


When thinking about getting a cartridge or a disposable THC vape in today’s fast moving market of alternate cannabinoids can be a difficult decision. We have broken down our "Top 5 picks in THC disposables" previously and now we want to share with you our top 5 picks for THC vape carts.

When buying a THC vape cartridge it is important to remember that you are going to need a 510 threaded cartridge battery in order to use your THC vape cartridge. We recommend checking out these 510 threaded batteries if you do not already have one!



 1) Delta Extrax Euphorica Collection Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridge

These cartridges consist of Premium Delta 10 THC and terpenes, giving you a very smooth draw that is both flavorful and earthy.  All three strains in the Delta 10 THC Euphorica collection are going to give you a nice heady feeling as well as make you feel very relaxed. The collection is comprised of three different strains Maui Wowie, Ice Cream Cookies, & Hawaiian Haze. If you are a fan of vanilla then you will surely fall in love with the Ice Cream Cookies strain, as it has proven time and time again to be one of our favorites around here!

Brand: Delta Extrax
Series: Euphorica Collection
Size: 1 Gram 510 Threaded Vape Cartridge
Terpenes: Yes, added
Cannabinoid Profile: Delta 10 THC
Where to buy: https://delta8emporium.co/products/delta-extrax-euphorica-collection-d10-carts-br-assorted-strains


2) THC-O + Delta 8 THC Diamonds from Purlyf x Honeyroot

In this collaboration from Purlyf and Honeyroot, they are bringing us the Diamond Collection. A unique combination of THC-O and Delta 8 THC Diamonds, in a 2 pack. You will get 2 different strains in each package.  Each package is either 2x sativa or 2x indica strains, so if you have a preference of Sativa or Indica you will be satisfied with these 2 packs!  With the Diamond Collection, you have the THC-O that will give you the infamous heady feeling you are seeking paired with the delta 8 THC diamonds to give you that ultimate relaxation feeling.

Brand: Purlyf x Honeyroot
Series: Diamond Collection
Size: 2x 1 Gram 510 Threaded Vape Cartridge
Terpenes: Added Live Resin Terpenes
Profile: THC-O & Delta 8 THC Diamonds
Where to buy: https://delta8emporium.co/products/purlyf-honeyroot-diamond-collection



 3) Lights Out Collection THC-H + THC-JD by Delta Extrax

The entire Lights Outs Collection from Delta Extrax is absolute fire 🔥.  We have already spoken on their gummies and their disposable THC vapes in the Lights Out Collection, and by far there is not much on the market today that can compare to the intensity of the Lights Out Collection. The cannabinoid combination of D8 THC, D10 THC, THC-H, THC-JD with live resin terpenes to top it off, is an absolute winning collection. If you are looking for potency, flavor, and effects then look no further than these cartridges right here.


Brand: Delta Extrax
Series: Lights Out Collection
Size: 2 Gram 510 Threaded Vape Cartridge
Terpenes: Added Live Resin Terpenes
Profile: Delta 8 THC, Delta 10 THC, THC-P, THC-H, THC-JD
Where to buy: https://delta8emporium.co/products/lights-out-thch-thcjd-2g-cartridges



4) PHC Cartridge by Sugar

The PHC-Hydrox4PHC cartridge by Trippy Sugar is going to give you long lasting effects similar to the experience of an edible, without the same waiting period. The Sugar PHC Cartridges are 2.2 grams and come in 3 different strains: White Fire, Fruity Pebbs, & Purple Punch with Live Resin Terpenes of the sativa variety. 

Brand: Sugar
Series: PHC
Size: 2.2 Gram 510 Threaded Vape Cartridge
Terpenes: Added Live Resin Terpines
Profile: PHC
Where to buy: https://delta8emporium.co/products/sugar-eternal-2-2g-cartridges



5) Delta 8 THC Cartridges by ZA ZA 

These ZA ZA cartridges are delta 8 THC with added terpenes. ZA ZA carts are smooth and boast great flavor in any strain you choose. These cartridges stay true to the delta 8 experience in which they have a mild psychoactive effect and a great relaxation effect. With 8 different strains to choose from you will never get bored trying them all! Smile & Enjoy.

Za ZA Delta 8 THC Cartridge Picture, ZA ZA Delta 8 THC, All strains za za delta 8 thc


Brand: ZA ZA
Series: Delta 8 THC Cartridge
Size: 1 Gram 510 Threaded Vape Cartridge
Terpenes: Added Terpenes
Profile: Delta 8 THC
Where to buy: https://delta8emporium.co/products/zaza-cartridges




Wither you choose something more simplistic like the ZA ZA Delta 8 THC cartridge or you go with something a little more potent, like the Lights Out Collection boasting a superior blend of a cannabinoid cocktail with THC-H & THC JD. You cannot go wrong with any of the choices on our top 5 list. We will caution you that some of these cartridges are larger than your standard 1 gram Cartridge. The Lights Out Carts by Delta Extrax and the PHC Carts by Trippy Sugar to name a few are new 2 gram cartridges.  They will require a “stick style” battery such as the Ooze Quad Battery or something like a Yocan Uni Pro, in order to use it.  It will not fit in a standard Yocan Uni or CCELL Palm/Silo style 510 Battery.

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